One the major problems with Platinum is despite their games underlying quality, the prices for their products often depreciate really quickly to bargain basement levels not soon after their games have been released. And so it is the case with Transformers: Devastation which can now be picked up for less than £10 brand new on XBox One – despite only being out for 6 months.

I remember pre-ordering my PS4 copy for £33.99 and don’t regret it one bit. As not only did the game live up to my expectations of being a great action title, as it’s directed by Kenji Saito of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance fame, but because of the developer’s fondness for Transformers, turned out to be a passionate love-letter to my all-time favourite 80’s era action cartoon.

Transformers: Devastation might not have had the biggest of development budgets, and one can definitely tell by the manner in which certain environmental locales and assets are reused, but this shouldn’t deter anyone from wanting to pick up the title – especially if they are a fan of G1 Transformers and / or Platinum. The plot (written by Andy Schmidt) includes all the hallmarks of a G1 Transformers episode, and with voice-actors from the classic TV show (such as Frank Welker) reprising their roles, the game often feels as if its a modern-day extension of the much loved 80’s era robot series canon.

Even if the game’s campaign is only 5.5 hours in length (although it took me a tad longer at around 8 hours), there are many twists and surprises in Platinum’s over-the-top action brawler. From the GTA-inspired open world sections that sometimes include platforming, to the driving sections where you can use the Transfomer’s vehicle modes as part of their arsenal of attacks, as well as the crafting system which you can use to upgrade your characters whilst on the Autobot Ark.

To be honest, there is so much that Platinum and Activision get right on this project that attempting to find fault with their effort just seems churlish in comparison. From the classically-inspired robot designs and smooth cell-shaded graphics which look as if they’re taken straight from the cartoon, to the soundtrack which is done by Vince DiCola (of ‘The Transformers: The Movie’ fame – probably one of the greatest animated films to ever be committed to celluloid), the entire game is nothing but a nostalgic nod to an era replete with bombastic action that doesn’t mask its childhood roots.

After Transformers: Devastation was announced, I made a concerted effort in attempting to interview the game’s director and producer (which you can read here), and my faith in the game was also proven correct when my favourite writer Simon Parkin “Recommended” the title in his glowing review.

Seriously, and for less than £10, Transformers: Devastation is nothing but an absolute bargain. My only hope now is that there is a sequel in the foreseeable future…

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