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1. With the Premium Wii U (momentarily) reaching the £179.99 threshold (via Amazon and Argos), its purchase is a lot more easier to stomach for the casual consumer who’ll most likely come to view the console as an impulse purchase. This strategy worked brilliantly before with the Wii (which also launched at the same price), and some have argued that this should have been the original price for which the Wii U should have launched at – especially given the dated nature of its tech and the fact that most children cannot afford to buy a £300 “toy”. Granted, the Wii U faces stiff competition from the already well established Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles which also come in at a similar price-point, and have a larger and more diverse library of cheaper games to draw from. But as a value proposition, none of the other two competing consoles have the ace up their sleeve that is arguably one of the best games of last year – Mario 3D World.

My suggestion would therefore be to “reboot” the console by having an official “Premium Wii U with Mario 3D World” bundle pack (including an accompanying gorgeous art package – much like how the limited edition Wii U and Zelda: Wind Waker bundle was that released last year), and officially sell it for £179.99.

Zelda Wind Waker Wii U bundle

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