Eggtart Inc is an indie games studio that’s headed up by CEO Jinman Park and is based in Korea. Having already published 5 titles, the company is currently gearing up for its sixth release in the form of Metal Suits – a run and gun shooter that’s inspired by classic 16 bit games such as Metal Slug and Mega Man. Boasting a similar 2D pixel art aesthetic, the game is due out later this year on Nintendo Switch, XBox, PlayStation, and PC.

I spoke to Jinman Park about his upcoming game, and got to find out a little bit more about his company. Enjoy!

How long has Metal Suits been in production for?

About a year and a half. The game will be coming out around June 2024.

What was the inspiration for Metal Suits?

I’ve been into games like Metal Slug and Mega Man since I was a kid, and I wanted to make a modern game that was similar to those type of old games.

How long has your company, Eggtart, been running for, and what’s your game development background?

I was really interested in developing games. I started in 2019, and started by myself at first. Before that, I used to work at DeNA Seoul and was in charge of marketing and business development.

How many people work at Eggtart at present?

About 7.

Are you self-publishing your game?

I’m thinking about it, but right now, I’m currently looking for a publisher.

What’s the biggest difficulty that you have faced as the CEO of your company?

I haven’t had as much opportunity to advertise my company or my games. It’s why I visit game shows so as to get the word out.

What advice would you give to people who are looking to start up their own game studio?

I think it’s important that people make the game that they want to make, and not the game that they think the market wants. Don’t chase trends. People must stay true to their colours.

What game engine is the game made in?


Why did you pick Unity as the game engine, and not something like Godot or even Game Maker? Why Unity?

It’s a game engine that can be used in a very flexible way. A lot of people also use it, and this means that whenever we have a technical problem, we can resolve it as there is a lot of community support.

What problems do you think you’ll face when you’re looking to promote Metal Suits, a Korean game, to an international gaming market?

I’m not sure as to what issues I’ll be facing in the global market. That’s why I’m looking for a global publisher who can help us, where we can work together, and face such problems together.

Thank you so much.

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