When you play a videogame, it is not only the hero that is popular but also the villains who appear in the title. Whether it is in the Sonic games, Mario, the Batman series or any other franchise, the villains must be as popular as the heroes. And for a villain to be popular, he must have some qualities and powers to make the masses love (or rather, be fascinated by) him. In my opinion, here are the five most popular (and lovable?) villains in videogames as listed below:

1. Dr. Robotnik (Sonic games) – Dr. Robotnik, the villain in Sonic the Hedgehog series, is persistent in his attempt to change the world and make it Eggmanland. He is immature and gets into a temper when his plans don’t work. He consistently works to destroy the blue hedgehog but always fails. Despite his failure, he is one of the most loved villains in video games. To explore more of Dr. Robotnik’s power, you can visit Sonic Games 365.

2. Bowser (Super Mario games) – This most annoying villain is also a very popular villain. He gatecrashes into parties and does not give up in his goal to get Mario into trouble. Bowser has just one goal, that is to take over the kingdom of Mushroom, and he uses all of his resources to achieve his goal. But, he does not succeed.

3. Wario (Super Mario games) – Wario is the exact opposite of Mario, and packs a lot more muscle and fat than our main hero. But he is vain, and believes that he is better looking than Mario. Wario first made his appearance in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins where he played the role of the final boss. Wario also has a number of series – Wario Ware and Wario Land – dedicated to him.

4. The Covenant (Halo games) – This villain is actually an alien race and consists of grunts, Brutes, hunters and a 6-legged walking tank called ‘Scarab Tank’. This race is on a religious war with Earth and has an awesome lineup of battle vehicles.

5. Joker (Batman Arkham Asylum games) – The Joker is one of the top 5 popular villains in video games. You cannot help but love him despite his attempts to set traps for our Batman.

There are many more villains that you may love, and this list is by no means exhaustive. But I believe that these are the top five villains operating in videogames today, and it is the quaint mannerisms and powers of these villains that make them so popular.

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