Another indie game that has largely been looked over by the mainstream, and I would have missed it too if it weren’t for the beautiful cell-shaded graphics. Aragami is a stealth action game much in the vein of Tenchu and Dishonored and has you controlling an spirit assassin who is out to rescue a damsel in distress. Because you know, they didn’t have Anita Sarkeesian (AKA: the ultimate Killer of Fun) back in the days of feudal Japan.

There are too many indie games out there that are worth one’s attention, and with Aragami being one of them, I honestly do believe that Black Friday is going to turn out to be quite an expensive day indeed. Good thing though is that most indie physical releases are only around £15 (or less), and with Aragami being just £13.99, it’s going to be a title that will be part of my collection some day soon. If only because of the amazing box art…

Aragami on PS4 – £13.99

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