It appears that the online retailer has dropped quite a few of its game prices, with there being some proper bargains in the mix. Below are just a taster of some of the more juicy bargains on offer – admittedly on the PS4:

Anima: Gate of Memories – £10.99
Anima might not be the best game on the planet, but given that it was made by a small indie team of just three people, it’s a rather accomplished hack and slash action adventure game that also takes cues from games like Radiant Silvergun. Check out my interview with the creator of the game here.

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal – £10.99
I’m kind of surprised as to how cheap Ginger is already, given that it only came out 1-2 weeks ago. And if you’re a fan of N64-era platforming games, and want to support the indie scene, there’s far worse games that are out there, at a far higher price.

Super Meat Boy – £13.49
Lauded as a classic at the time of its release, Super Meat Boy suffered from the loss of its original soundtrack whilst making the jump to Sony’s platform. And whilst the replacement is arguably just as good, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s ultimately not a port of the “original” game. Still a damn fine game though…

Batman: Return to Arkham – £19.95
I can’t believe the remaster of the original games duo has dropped to such a low price so quickly. And whilst it might not look as good in certain places as the original games, there’s no denying the fact that what you’re getting is still a really cool package at a really cool price. Throw in Arkham Knight, and you pretty much have the entire trilogy on PS4 for around £30. And that’s a really cool bargain.

Doom – £17.99
Regarded by some people as having the best single player campaign of this generation. And whilst that’s an utterly nonsensical assumption – partly because Wolfenstein: TNO takes that crown – that’s not to say that iD’s first person shooter isn’t a solid blaster. And it’s not a bad price at just £17.99 either – although I think it’s going to hit £15 on Black Friday.

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