The last time Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition was this price was around the time when Dark Souls 3 was released. And whilst the Dark Souls series does have its fans, its also worth bearing in mind that there exists a sizeable number of people who don’t however like it, yet quite enjoy Bloodborne.

The Bloodborne and Dark Souls games are renowned for their immense difficulty, but what I really liked about Bloodborne was its foreboding atmosphere. It also helped that the Sony exclusive is notably faster in terms of how its combat plays out as well as a how the main protagonist moves.

The winner of a number of “Game of the Year” awards, Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition lives up to its lofty reputation by not only presenting gamers with a title that is literally a “Game of the Year”, but also packages it with The Old Hunters DLC. In doing so, it goes some way towards bolstering Sony’s cap as a bonafide PS4 system seller.

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