I don’t usually advocate the purchasing of second hand games, but Boomerang Rentals can normally be relied upon to supply said games in really good condition – as both the game packaging and the disks are oftentimes “As New”. It also helps that theese are sometimes considerably cheaper than what you’d normally pick up the items from other reputable retailers selling second hand wares – such as Amazon, Music Magpie, and CEX. Anyway, check out some of their sought after niche games (and prices) below:

PS Vita
God Eater 2 Rage Burst – £20.75
Sword Art Online: Lost Song – £13.76

PlayStation 4
Adams Venture: Origins – £13.59
Nobunagas Ambition: Sphere Of Influence – £9.05
Onechanbara Z2 Chaos – £11.41

XBox One
Adams Venture: Origins – £13.59
Alekhine’s Gun – £6.73
This War Of Mine: The Little Ones – £6.12
The Walking: Dead Season 2 – £13.00

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