Truth be told, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Starbreeze Studios’ games, and even enjoyed the developer’s much maligned Syndicate – a title that unfairly got saddled with a lot of pre-existing baggage (despite Arthur Gies giving it a fairly good appraisal in his 8.5/10 review for Polygon). And whilst Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons deviates from the developer’s first person shooter template, it still manages to incorporate all the story-led narrative strengths that the Swedish firm is renowned for.

One of the pivotal strengths of Sony and its indie-centric third party publishing strategy is that the hardware giant is extremely relaxed when it comes to physical copy quotas. As a result, there have been a number of developers that have had their niche titles physically released on the console – with publishers such as 505 Games and Soedesco taking full advantage of the situation, and titles such as N.E.R.O : Nothing Ever Remains Obscure, Among the Sleep, Aragami, and Republique coming out on the PS4 platform.

Admittedly, Brothers isn’t really that long a game, and can be finished in an afternoon. But like Journey, which can also be completed in only a few hours, the experience stays with you long after the final credits have scrolled past. It’s for this reason, that even after completing the title on PS3 a number of years prior, that I feel compelled in recommending Starbreeze’s soulful adventure. Partly because more gamers ought to play the acclaimed indie title, but also because by buying film director Josef Fares’ vision, they’re ultimately supporting physical publishing as well as niche adventurous ideas.

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