Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Even if Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze can be picked up cheaper for around £18 for the ‘Nintendo Selects’ version, it’s not often that the original boxed copy goes for less than £30. And so it happens to be the case that the Retro Studios developed title is currently only £26.20 for a brand new (original release) copy.

Even if the game wasn’t critically appraised at launch – probably because it’s “another 2D platformer” – the title has received huge acclaim from gamers since then. Indeed, peanutbutterlatte (from Neogaf) once stated the following:

So wowwwww. Holy shit.

This game is absolutely amazing. Arguably the best 2D platformer since Rayman Origins, and probably a little bit better. Got to tell you, never played a DKC game before, outside of messing around with my friend’s copy of the SNES port to GBA a little. But I’m really very impressed. It feels incredibly fluid and satisfying to play.

The level design is probably the best I’ve seen in a 2D platformer, hands down. Nintendo themselves should be genuinely ashamed, for all the defence I give the NSMB series, it utterly pales in comparison. I’m also loving the partner system, especially Cranky with his Scrooge McDuck pogo stick cane.

One thing; I wish Retro’s name was on this somewhere. Could have even had a big gold “R” just to be facetious.

So there you go… Another quality game to add to your “Hall of Shame”.

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