Doom UAC Pack

Doom (UAC Pack) was around £50 when it launched, but with E3 round the corner, it’s finally down to a far more appealing £29.99 on XBox One and PS4. Of course, I bought my copy for slightly more that £30, but hey, whatever… And GAME’s package does come with a few extras not found in regular versions of the game.

With pretty good reviews across the board, Simon Parkin gave the game a rating of 4/5 and stated that Doom offers “a ludicrous yet compelling return to shooter basics“. Polygon Reviews Editor, Arthur Gies, was also impressed with the game, and gave it 8.5/10, with the appraisal that “on the whole, as a new interpretation of one of gaming’s most formative, difficult to pin down cyphers, id has done a pretty great job in making something that feels familiar and fresh, and, most importantly, pretty damned fun“.

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