My local CEX has about 20 of these, which isn’t at all surprising given that the second hand retailer still charges £20 for a second hand copy. But as someone who stopped buying second hand games roughly two years ago, and believes that CEX (on average) charge roughly the same amount for a used product as what you can get the item for brand new, there’s a reason as to why I don’t tend to publicise the retailer on this site. Why pay the same amount for a tatty second hand product, when you can pay the same amount for a brand spanking new item which is still cellophane sealed – and (in this case) have change left over after the transaction?

In case you didn’t know, Earth Defense Force 2 is a remake of the old PS2 game where the main objective is to shoot bugs from outer space. As such, and partly because of the relatively low production values, the series has garnered a plethora of fans for its back-to-basics gameplay approach – where the added jank adds to the series’ charm. I wouldn’t know about that. What I do know however though is that Earth Defense Force 2 is well worth £9.99. Not only because it’s a spruced up remake of the old PS2 game, but also because the game is on the Vita, and is likely become increasingly hard to obtain at such a low price in years to come. On top of that, and another great reason for buying the title is that you get to blow up the Houses of Parliament. And that’s really cool…

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