Earth Defence Force 2

With Sony having massively scaled back their support of the Vita platform in recent years, not to mention that poster-child Shahid Kamal Ahmad left SCEE last year in order to focus on his own indie development efforts, it’s somewhat disheartening to think that even though the handheld is (still) a capable gaming powerhouse, it hasn’t found anywhere near as much success (in the West), with the masses ignoring it in favour of the infinitely more tackier 3DS as well as the rather more convenient form of gaming which mobiles represent. It also doesn’t help when one considers how poorly the 3DS did at retail when it was originally released, yet Nintendo’s herculean efforts still helped turn around the handheld’s dire situation. Why couldn’t Sony learn anything from Nintendo’s example, and appropriate this strategy instead of abandoning the Vita at the first hurdle?

Still, Sony’s lack of commitment and resolve hasn’t stopped other publishers from jumping on board and attempting to fill the gap. And with XSeed and NISA being one of the Vita’s biggest supporters in the West, their output mainly centres around publishing games that originally appear in the one market where PS Vita outperforms Nintendo’s 3DS on a regular basis – Japan.

One such game series that has always been hugely appreciated by fans of Japanese gaming is Sandlot’s Earth Defense Force. Starting out on PS2, and despite its low production values, it wasn’t until the second game that the franchise found its cult appeal. And with the Vita remake of the second game (considered by many to be the pinnacle of the series) having been picked up for physical release by PQube in Europe, it’s only appropriate that someone would commend the publisher in its sterling efforts in bringing to Europe this extremely guilty pleasure, as well as continuing to support the under-appreciated PS Vita.

The Sixth Axis gave the game 8/10 and stated that “Earth Defense Force 2 is a great Vita title, and whether you want something to play for a couple of minutes on a toilet or in-between classes, this is a must have“. Mark from CGR also had a lot of really good things to say about the game, and you can check out his review video below… EDF!

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