When Sandlot’s B-movie inspired remake for the PS Vita first came out, I expected the third person shooter to quickly disappear off the shelves and become a serious rarity in the months ahead. But that hasn’t really happened, with the notion that PQube might have over-estimated demand – hence why the title has been getting increasingly cheap as time has gone on. Although that’s not to say that I expect Earth Defense Force 2 to remain at a bargain price. Far from it, as a lot of Vita games have generally been increasing in value as gamers have sought to snap up key titles for their collections.

That’s what happens when games on a “failed” handheld start becoming rare – prices go up as there’s just not enough copies to go around.

Anyway, Earth Defense Force 2 is a remake of the age old PS2 title that a lot of people believe remains the best in the series. And given that you can now play the game on the go, surely that must be something worth celebrating – especially when the game is only £13.99.

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