I wrote about Earth Defense Force 2 two months ago whilst it was still over the £15 mark. Now however, the game has finally hit the sub-£15 mark, and represents a true bargain for Vita fans.

In an age when the Vita is constantly belittled (and derided) for being a “flop”, it’s worth pointing out that despite its lacklustre success in the mainstream, the handheld still enjoys a significantly healthier release schedule than Nintendo’s own over-rated Wii U. For despite the Wii U only expecting another 3-5 games before it’s eventually put out to pasture, the Vita still however enjoys a semi-healthy release schedule that’s had the likes of Muramasa Rebirth released for it. Indeed, in the coming months, Vita owners can expect to see forthcoming gems such as Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni and Yomawari: Night Alone. And that’s without even mentioning the contribution of Limited Run Games whose own recent efforts resulted in the physical release of Xeodrifter.

Anyway, Earth Defense Force 2 is an enhanced remake of the old PS2 title and got fairly good reviews upon its release, with Destructoid scoring the title 8/10. And Mark from CGR also liked the title, as you can see by his review below:

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