Derided by some people for copying the look and feel of Vanillaware’s Odin Sphere, yet lacking much of the finesse that helped distinguish the Osaka based developer’s effort, Earth’s Dawn is actually the first title by OneOrEight, a Japanese games company that harbors two former members of the now defunct Imageepoch – Komura Issei and Kuroki Takashi. Irrespective of OneOrEight’s development pedigree however, it’s first title has received fairly mixed reviews, with some criticising Earth’s Dawn on the basis that it looks like a glorified Flash game and that its sprite animation system is rather stiff. Taking all of these aforementioned issues into account, Earth’s Dawn certainly presents itself as a poor substitute to Vanillaware’s efforts, even though some would argue that this is because OneOrEight aren’t necessarily trying to compete with Vanillaware – as Earth’s Dawn is a rather more restrained and budget conscientious effort than the likes of Odin Sphere.

Published by Rising Star Games, Earth’s Dawn wasn’t actually released on physical disk for the XBox One, and I can only guess that this is because of Sony’s comparatively less stringent publishing rules. And if that’s the case, then I can only expect OneOrEight’s title to become increasingly rare as fans of 2D Japanese retro games lap it up.

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