Fallout 4

Fresh from its BAFTA Award over the weekend, Fallout 4 celebrates its Best Game of 2016 win by being only £24.86 on PS4.

Critics hailed the game as a masterpiece when it launched late last year, and many fell in love with Bethesda’s portrayal of a post-apocalyptic wasteland as well as its contained lore. Indeed, celebrated reviewer Arthur Geiss gave the game 9.5/10 and stated that “Fallout 4 feels like wandering through a giant, haunted city, and I want to know every secret it has“.

For the number of things to do, as well as the amount of content within the game, there is very little that rivals Fallout 4‘s sheer scope and ambition – apart from The Witcher 3. And to be honest, what tops it all off is its main theme and excellent soundtrack.

Of course, and if the virtual world of Boston appears far too tame for you, then you can always go and check out Chernobyl – which is exactly what my favourite games / travel writer, Simon Parkin, decided to do for his inspirational piece for The Guardian newspaper. And to be honest, after his piece recounts the harrowing ordeals of what the residents of Pripyat had to endure, it does put into perspective the incredibly pathetic argument surrounding Tracer’s pose as well as the huge amount of privilege that modern-day gamers enjoy with their sheltered lives.

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