This deal really does put into perspective as to ridiculously over-priced the Wii U is, where, towards the end of its lifespan, the slightly more powerful PS3/XBox 360 still retails for a ridiculous £229.85. It’s almost as if Nintendo don’t actually want to sell anymore consoles – hence why even the Sony PS Vita has outsold Nintendo’s Wii U worldwide.

But enough of that. One must compare consoles if there is to be a fair fight. So given that the PS4 is a technically superior platform, what’s interesting is that in 2016, Sony’s hardware is significantly cheaper, and also offers far more games. Despite this however, Nintards (Nintendo Retards for short) often talk about how Nintendo can afford to charge more as the company offers superior gameplay experiences. Really?!?! So why is it that according to the following Metacritic averages below, Sony happens to offer superior first party games in 2016?


Let’s face it. In 2016, Sony trumps Nintendo in every way. It offers superior hardware, superior games, and a platform that has significantly more third party support. What does Nintendo Wii U have going forward? Mario Colour? Zelda? That game runs at sub-30fps. In other words, sub-par experiences that will cost twice the price.

And what does Sony have going forward? Let’s see… In the coming months, we’re going to have: Gravity Rush 2, The Last Guardian, Horizon, God of War, Day’s Gone, Detroit… New franchises as well as old. And that’s without even mentioning third party games like Watch Dogs 2, Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, Call of Duty, Battlefield… Do you want me to carry on?

No wonder Nintendo is now nothing more than a bit-part player!

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