Gravity Rush Vita

Despite the Vita’s lacklustre success in the West, its library positively brims with some undisputed classics – not least of which is Gravity Rush, one of the handheld’s earliest titles and still to this day, remains one of the very best games on the platform. So good is the game in fact that Sony ensured to give it the full HD remaster treatment (courtesy of Bluepoint Games) so that more people could experience the game on the incredibly more successful PS4. And what a game it is… As Terramax (from Amazon) states: one of those rare titles that reaffirms that the gaming industry is far from devoid of talent and good ideas. When given the chance, there are still titles worthy of buying new consoles for, even at launch. And despite some initial time taken to tackle the newly coined controls, this is one of them.

If you’ve had enough of the usual racers, fighters and shooters, or you appreciate creative adventure titles of among the lines of Psychonauts, Shadow of the Colossus, Jet Set Radio, and Ico, this is a title you do NOT want to miss.

Gravity Rush CamelCamelCamel

As you can see, Gravity Rush has sometimes hovered around the £12-15 mark for a physical second hand copy, but CEX are currently charging £8 (plus £2.50 P&P if you don’t live near their stores) for what is surely a massive bargain for those of you who are still on the fence and own a Vita. And whilst the PS4 remaster adds a new lick of polish to the Gravity Rush experience, it’s worth noting that the title was actually designed to take full advantage of the Vita from the outset.

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