Gravity Rush Vita

A launch title on Sony’s underappreciated handheld, Gravity Rush remains to this day one of the very best games on the system and is an excellent example of what Sony’s inhouse teams are capable of in the face of Nintendo’s own development pedigree. With a svelte art direction that takes inspiration from Jean “Moebius” Giraud, director Keiichiro Toyama himself cites the French artist’s illustrations as being the single biggest influence on why the game is centred around gravity-defying action. From the European-flavoured industrial cityscape that is Hekseville, to the game’s narrative that is told via comic-strip form, Gravity Rush is sometimes referred to as a love letter to the artistic visionary of yesteryear.

Gravity Rush Industrial City

Along with its Jean Giraud-inspired aesthetic, Gravity Rush boasts an excellent soundtrack that is composed by Kohei Tanaka (of Alundra and Resonance of Fate fame). And even if the title is sometimes criticised for its slightly clunky combat, its charm and originality emphatically endures as the appeal of the game lies in controlling the quirky protagonist, Kat, and navigating the world via the gravity-defying mechanic so as to save the residents of Heskerville from the Nevi.

PlayStation LifeStyle in their 9/10 review stated that “Gravity Rush has so many strengths, so few weaknesses, and is such a unique title, that it deserves some form of attention from every gamer. The premise and gameplay are so unique that we, as gamers, should reward and encourage this kind of creativity in our industry. It’s not a perfect game, but no game has to be. Playing Gravity Rush delivers sensations that I haven’t felt in years, and it’s truly unrivaled in providing this exact type of fun. Believe the hype. Gravity Rush is a game like no other“.

Indeed, GamesRadar agrees with this opinion, and you can check out their review below:

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