Homefront The Revolution Box

As someone who really liked the original Homefront game by Kaos Studios, I was really looking forward to its “sequel” by Dambuster Studios after Deep Silver picked up the IP at auction. Indeed, so enamoured was I by this prospect that I even interviewed Fasahat Salim (Designer at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios) at Gamescom last year. Alas however, Homefront: The Revolution launched to fairly disappointing reviews, and it’s not at all surprising to discover that the game has dropped fairly sharply in price after only being out for a few weeks.

Still, I feel for the developers, and am definitely going to go out of my way to play the game when it’s a bit more cheaper and when it’s had a few more patches applied to it. But if you can’t wait for the price to drop even further (as it surely will), then I’d say that £24.95 is a pretty good price. Especially when (at the time of writing) you can sell it on to CEX for £22 cash on PS4 or £20 cash on XBox One.

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