Homefront The Revolution PS4 Box Art

I talked about Homefront: The Revolution only a few days previously, and stated that it represented a pretty good deal at just over £15. But with a new patch that fixes performance issues, many are now stating that the game is actually quite an enjoyable experience – with some likening it to being a mixture of Half Life and Far Cry. That’s a thumbs up in my book, and to be honest, as someone who has always considered himself to be a fan of the earlier game, I’m glad that public opinion is finally changing regarding Dambuster Studio’s effort.

The very heartfelt note that was posted before that shows at the end of the games credits sort of goes to the show the type of people these guys are. This was obviously a labor of love that they did everything they could to piece together with the resources they had, and they came back and finished the job. I’m buying the game ASAP for that reason alone, we need more people like that in the industry.

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