Hyrule Warriors

For many content starved Wii U onwers out there, the Koei Tecmo developed Hyrule Warriors ensured to reward patient fans who were eager for a new Zelda game on their machine. Opting for a Musou style approach to the gameplay, Hyrule Warriors didn’t follow the conventional Zelda gameplay style and instead felt like a re-skin of Dynasty Warriors within the Zelda universe. As such, and whilst being a love-letter to the franchise, it’s not what Zelda fans deserve, but is most definitely the kind of game that Zelda fans need right now whilst Nintendo works on a proper follow-up.

Being a Zelda fan, and despite its abundant content, I personally found Hyrule Warriors to be quite boring as a result of its repetitive gameplay. Of course, and given the game’s abundant success, I understand that I may be part of the minority – not least because many people have often cited the game as being one of their favourites on the Wii U system. So there you go…

Zelda Hyrule Warriors CamelCamelCamel

Whilst I’ve sometimes seen Hyrule Warriors at around the £30 mark, I’ve never seen it as low as it is right now. So go pick it up if you’re a Zelda fan or if you want another “high quality” game to add to your Wii U collection. I also have a feeling that the game will become increasingly sought after in years to come, not least because there aren’t that many copies in existence (despite over 1 million copies sold), and this situation will only be compounded further by the Wii U’s diminutive install base.

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