Roughly 10 months after release, Just Cause 3 can finally be picked up for the extremely reasonable price of just £17.99 on PS4. It is worth bearing in mind however that whilst the game did get fairly good reviews, a lot of users have experienced bugs and random crashes with the title – with many of these issues still needing to be resolved months later. As Monkeyboy from Rllmukforum states:

Overall, disappointed with how buggy the game can be at times. I’ve had loads of crashes, far more than with any other PS4 game. Loading times are still pretty bad, including weird bits where you can start the game without Rico’s grapple or weapons in place. Literally walking around the game world with a floating hand that isn’t attached to Rico’s arm because the grapple hasn’t loaded in. And this could sometimes take whole minutes to appear.

The game can look beautiful at times, but has an unfinished feel to it. I wasn’t that impressed with the story missions. The sheer number of “protect such and such” missions made it feel like I was playing a game from the nineties. Mostly unimaginative and frustrating. And yet, it kept me playing. I think mainly due to the fun of taking down settlements.

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