Kid Icarus Uprising

Despite its awkward control scheme (for which gamers can thank game director Masahiro Sakurai), Kid Icarus Uprising is still considered to be “one of the most attractive, exhilarating, entertaining and outrageously fun titles” on 3DS. So good in fact that numerous esteemed publications (such as Eurogamer and Nintendo Life) awarded it 9/10 upon release.

Whilst the game did become quite expensive for a while, I’ve never seen it quite this cheap. And to be honest, after all the reprinted copies sell out, I think the game will become quite expensive again – although not prohibitively so. Given that the package includes 6 AR Cards as well as a Nintendo 3DS stand for extra playing comfort, I personally think that Kid Icarus Uprising is well worth picking up, and especially for the price.

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