Mario Golf World Tour

Nintendo games don’t usually sell for this low, but Mario Golf: World Tour has bizarrely been dropping in price over the last few months. It’s finally cheap enough to be considered as an impulse purchase – even if you’re not a fan of golf games.

I remember playing Mario Golf 64 on the N64 back in the day, and it was really enjoyable at the time. So it’s a good thing that you can buy its courses as DLC for World Tour. But even if one were to disregard this nostalgia-driven incentive, and judging the base game itself, it’s still worth the price of entry.

Nintendo Life gave Mario Golf: World Tour a 9/10 and stated that the game “is a truly excellent addition to the 3DS library, and offers a fresh experience from its contemporaries. Whether you want to settle in for a 15 minute blast around some challenges, or a longer spell carefully constructing a new record score, this satisfies either desire. On top of that, it has possibly the most impressive online setup we’ve seen to date in a first-party Nintendo game“.

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