Mario Tennis Wii U

Mario: Tennis: Ultra Smash received middling reviews upon launch with Nintendo Life arguing that they “can’t recommend Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash at its launch retail price, and certainly not to anyone looking for enjoyable solo offline options. For those that are willing to pay, however, there’s fun to be had in random online matches and most certainly in local multiplayer. Excellent, enjoyable gameplay clashes with a shoddy and lazy set of features. It’s up to you whether that’s worth your money“.

For the bargain price of £18.90 however, and even though there are better games in the sub-£20 category, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is definitely worth considering. Not least because it’s a latter-day Wii U title, and since the console has such a small userbase and is on its last legs, will soon end up becoming a collectors item in the foreseeable future. So grab the game while you can, as the price is only likely to rise as time goes on.

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