In the wake of Limited Run Games releasing previously digital only titles as physical releases (for which you should check out my stellar interview with co-founder Josh Fairhurst), it does seem as if pretty much every established publisher is jumping in on their trailblazing bandwagon, and signing up indie titles for a physical game release. And whilst I’d normally condone such practices, as I’m an advocate of tangible media (excluding magazines – obviously), I really do wish that publishers would be a bit more transparent in outlining as to how limited the print run would be for a certain game. But then, that would defeat the purpose of buying the game for its own sake. Either way, and because of how easy Sony have made it for games to be physically produced, I honestly do believe that physical boxed games on the company’s PS Vita and PS4 consoles will come to signify similar levels of reverence in terms of how music fans treat the vinyl format – not only because of the weighty tangible feel, the extras that sometimes get packaged in, but also because the releases are usually limited for smaller indie titles.

OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition may not be as limited a release as Limited Run Games’ published titles, but just because the title isn’t as limited in terms of circulation, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be worthy of consideration. Because aside from the package collecting both award winning OlliOlli and OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood titles, the Combo Edition also contains 3 making of documentaries, a deluxe full color booklet, and a digital soundtrack of OlliOlli2. Now that’s pretty good value by anyone’s standards… Especially when you can get the whole thing for £15, whereas everyone else is charging £20.

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