With everyone and their grandma going gaga over Nintendo’s Splatoon, it’s always nice to know that the game is merely a tweaked rip-off of another game that did it first, and in some ways, probably did it better. But given that the Garden Warfare franchise is associated with EA – a company that gets scant respect from gamers – that series was never going to get as much recognition as Nintendo’s own over-hyped third-person shooter. Sure, Splatoon is a good game, but is it really a “true modern classic, and one of Nintendo’s finest games in a generation“? Pfft… I think games reviewers should stop being glorified shills for Nintendo, and start adopting higher standards for themselves.

Anyway, I interviewed Chris Fox of Garden Warfare 2, and remember speaking to him about his title’s similarity to Splatoon. And whilst Splatoon may have taken the crown in terms of gaining the larger consumer mind-share, that’s not to say that Nintendo didn’t ransack PopCap’s game for ideas – much like how they’ve ripped off every other AAA RPG for their forthcoming Zelda game. But still, with Nintendo expected to re-release quite a few of its Wii U games as “updated remasters” for the Switch, isn’t it about time that people started to cotton on to the fact that the company has merely been making the same games for the last 30 years anyway?

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