With Nintendo all but abandoning some of their classic franchises – such as Metroid and F-Zero, it’s not at all surprising that other developers have been more than happy to fill the void. So whilst “Nintendo turned their backs on Metroid, the developers of Axiom Verge flawlessly stepped in and continued it as if it had never left. Arguably the best pure Metroid game since the GBA era“. The same goes for German developer Shin’en whose contribution to the futuristic racing genre comes in the form of Fast Racing Neo – “a balls-to-the-wall, lightning fast racing game that soars with gripping gameplay and excellent visuals. If you’ve been longing for a new F-Zero or another rad racing game, this is for you“.

One of the cool things that Sony have done is that the company allows developers to release low print runs of their digital only games. And with Nintendo also getting in on the act, I’m glad that Fast Racing Neo is finally getting a physical only release – with all DLC included. But with Fast Racing Neo having previously been available as a digital only release, and because of the title’s associative indie roots, I doubt that the game will be getting a large physical print run. So with this in mind, and because Nintendo happen to be the physical publisher, if you’re looking to buy the game at some point in future, then I really wouldn’t hesitate much longer. Especially when the the cheapest pre-order price right now is £17.99, with most other retailers charging £19+. So get in there people, #MakeNintendoGreatAgain.

Actually, what am I talking about?!?! The NX looks like it’s got “FAILURE” written all over it!

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