Despite what Nintendo fans would have you believe, Sony are absolutely on par with the Kyoto based giant in terms of the quality of their software offerings. And whilst games like Uncharted 2, Resistance 3, and The Last of Us rightfully turned heads during the latter days of the PS3, Sony haven’t really shown as to what they are capable of this generation. That’s all set to change in the immediate future, with eagerly anticipated titles The Last Guardian and Horizon Zero Dawn set for launch in the coming months. But the first party title I am most looking forward to out of all of Sony’s stable is the Keiichiro Toyama directed sequel to my favourite PS Vita game of all time – Gravity Rush. An interesting take on the action adventure game genre that asked the player to manipulate gravity whilst controlling the awkwardly shy Kat who was tasked with saving the floating city of Hekseville from the Nevi forces.

As a continuation of the first game, Gravity Rush 2 continues in the world-building efforts of its predecessor by offering lusher graphics that are replete with more expansive locales that offer destructible environments. Not only that, but the lore and mission structure has been greatly expanded too, with the gameplay length being 20-40 hours long. So in other words, you’re getting a really good game that offers plenty of value for money. And that’s a good thing, because if you enjoyed the first game, then you’ll be pleased to know that the second is “similar to the first game, but with a few subtle refinements and some additional gameplay mechanics… It provided more of what I liked, while improving and expanding upon it in a plethora of ways.”

Check out the following gameplay video below if you’re still on the fence and need a tad more convincing… And if Gravity Rush 2 intrigues you sufficiently enough, then also check out the mini-documentary on its creator here.

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