With pretty much every other retailer charging around £35-40 for a pre-order on The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II (PS3), it’s nice to see the game being available for £30 before its launch next month on 11/11/2016. Still, with November being so ridiculously busy in terms of releases – and that’s without factoring into account the monstrous RPG franchise entry that is Final Fantasy XV – I can’t see Trails of Cold Steel II doing all that well at retail in its first few months. That’s not to say it won’t do well over the course of its lifetime, as RPGs have some of the most loyal fans in the business, but the tail end of 2016 is looking to be absolutely crazy in terms of releases.

Aside from commercial pressures however, Trails of Cold Steel II received pretty good reviews from critics, with PlayStation Lifestyle stating that “The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is a worthy follow-up to my favorite RPG from last year“, with DualShockers also chiming in by stating that “genre or series fans shouldn’t miss this“. Just remember to play the first game however as the second game is a tad confusing otherwise…

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