It’s not often that I recommend second hand games, but given that the retailer generally ships the item as a “scratch free disc with pristine box guaranteed”, it does make sense to go with them if substantial savings can be had. And in this case, with every other retailer charging over £20 (including CEX – for which the overall condition is NOT guaranteed to be in the best of condition), Republique does seem like a pretty good bargain for £13.99. Especially if one can then trade the game in to CEX for £10 Cash or £14 Exchange (assuming that it doesn’t live up to expectations).

In case you didn’t know, Republique started out as an episodic action-adventure stealth video game – much like the original old-school 32-bit era Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil titles – and was originally released on mobile platforms. Since the title’s appearance on mainline platforms however, Camouflaj and Logan Games’ creation has had a number of improvements made towards its core game in order to mask its mobile origins, with changes including tweaks to the control interface as well as to the main graphics engine. For PS4 owners however, and because Republique was so heavily inspired by the 32-bit survival horror and stealth action games of the inaugural PlayStation era, these changes include a nice bonus in the form of an exclusive outfit that pays homage to one of my favourite Sony franchises – Gravity Rush.

The PS4 version of Republique got pretty good reviews upon release and currently sits at a 72% average on Metacritic. But given that Ryan Payton (former Director of Halo 4 and Producer of Metal Gear Solid 4) was at the helm, that’s probably not all that surprising. What is nice to know however though is that because David Hayter (of Metal Gear Solid fame) chimes in to voice one of the characters, one gets a great game that feels even more unique…

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