Dynasty Warriors with tits is how some people choose to describe the Senran Kagura series. Of course, they’re missing out, since the Senran Kagura games (allegedly) have far more depth and characterisation. Not that I’d know as I’ve never played a Senran Kagura title.

What I do however know is that the series has a rather large and fervently loyal fanbase who’ve really appreciated the franchise’s transition to HD consoles, with the PS4 version offering the definitive version as it has nicer graphics and also supports 10 players online.

Attack Of The Fanboy gave the game a rating of 4/5 and stated that “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus takes full advantage of being on PS4 with stunningly beautiful 3D locales. The over the top humor is present as always, with the characters playing off one another very well throughout the fun story. While the gameplay can grow repetitive after awhile, new features like the bombshells and creative finishers help to shake it up just enough to make Senran Kagura: Estival Versus feel like a natural progression and what the series should strive to be moving forward“.

Robert Cram also seemed to like the game, and you can check out his Youtube review below:

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