In my opinion, Splatoon is an over-rated third person multiplayer game that only gets notable attention from fan-boys due to it being developed by Nintendo. And to be honest, if the box didn’t state ‘Nintendo’ on the front cover, then the game wouldn’t have done nearly as well as it has thus far. Still, it seems churlish to not congratulate Nintendo on their success, even if my opinion doesn’t necessarily correlate with those who are far bigger fans of the title. Indeed, a number of people on Neogaf consider Splatoon to be one of the defining games on Wii U (which in all honesty speaks more about the sorry state of the console as opposed to the game itself). However, with my favourite reviewer, Simon Parkin, also chiming in with the opinion that Splatoon was one of 2015’s most inventive games, maybe there is some truth to the idea that the game isn’t all that bad after all.

Maybe I should try to have an open mind, and stop playing Bloodborne. But then again, Uncharted 4 is only just round the corner, with there being only so many hours in a day… Speaking of which, I look forward to Simon Parkin’s Uncharted 4 review – partly because I remember the furore surrounding his 8/10 Uncharted 3 review, but also because on this occasion, Uncharted 4 is actually being handled by Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann of The Last Of Us fame – a game that in my opinion, is absolutely sublime.


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