Star Wars Battlefront

I wrote about Star Wars Battlefront only two days ago and thought that the game represented good value at £14.96 then. Unbelievably however, the game’s even cheaper now at an absolute bargain of a price at only £13.86. And if you’ve ever been on the fence, now’s definitely a good time to pick up the game.

To be honest, and in light of this, it truly boggles the mind that Nintendo have the audacity to charge FORTY POUNDS for the two year old Mario 3D World – a supposed “system seller” for the Wii U. I think far more people would consider parting with their dough to buy a PS4 knowing that they can pick up titles such as Battlefront for only £13.86. And just think about that for a second… A two year old release (that still enjoys mainstream retail distribution) is far more pricey than some of the biggest AAA blockbusters coming out this Xmas – like Battlefield 1. And no, not every single self-respecting gamer out there likes Mario or Nintendo. Certainly not enough to pay £40 for a two year old game.

No wonder Nintendo are irrelevant with their insane rip-off prices. And after the amount of effort that Microsoft has gone to with their own Project Scorpion machine, having ensured that the next iteration of their XBox is a fully fledged update that takes into account the needs of the development community, it’ll be interesting to see as to what Nintendo cook up in their own insulated bubble with the NX.

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