Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2 Compilation

Whilst the Tales games haven’t gotten anywhere near as much respect as Final Fantasy, Bandai Namco’s series still gets a lot of attention from RPG fans however – even if the franchise isn’t quite as consistent in quality as Square Enix’s own flagship RPG franchise. In this content, and whilst Tales of Xillia isn’t exactly the best Tale entry (with the sequel merely continuing the story), it’s still a pretty good game – with Destructoid setting a particularly high watermark by giving the game 9/10, whilst the Metacritic consensus however suggesting that the game deserves 78%.

According to Tales fans, Tales of Xillia is meant to be quite good, and Tales of Xillia 2 merely continues the plot by acting as a sequel. So in this sense, and for £12.85, you get two great games for one fantastic price. But that’s not to say that the two games represent the pinnacle of the Tales series.

If you’re new to the Tales franchise, and would like to try out some of the “better” Tales titles, then you’re probably better off getting Tales of Vesperia – which is a tad pricier at £20.99 (and is only available on XBox 360 in the West), or the series crowning achievement that is Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD – which is only £13.37 on PS3.

Personally, I’d go for Tales of Vesperia or Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD, but that’s not to say that Tales of Xillia + Tales of Xillia 2 is a bad package – especially for the bargain price of £12.85.

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