The Last Of Us UK Box

Winner of numerous “Game Of The Year” awards when it was released on PS3, Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us made a pretty big splash for itself when not many people considered Sony as being capable of creating games of a standard set by Nintendo. That the company would go on to reach, and effortlessly exceed any perceived benchmarks set by the Kyoto based company, proved once and for all that Sony definitely had what it took to take gaming into the next phase of the medium’s evolution. No wonder the firm would then go on to decimate what little mind-share Nintendo still enjoyed by releasing the Wii U killer that was the all-conquering PS4.

So whilst Nintendo have been busy licking their wounds, and busying themselves with iterative updates to games that people have played a million times before, Sony showed the world that games can be considered as “art”, where the medium has the ability to stir up emotions via the use of elaborately plotted narratives, great soundtrack scores, and perfectly judged game mechanics.

The Last Of Us is one the greatest games in history. The fact that it’s been remastered for the PS4, with the added effect of taking advantage of the extra horsepower, means that there is really is no excuse in not picking up the game.

Miss it at your peril…

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