It’s only been out for less than a month, but one can already pick up Touhou Genso Rondo Bullet Ballet for less than £20 on PS4. Admittedly, the game was never that expensive to begin with, but the price-drop is indicative of the fact that the game, whilst being a niche title, wasn’t all that well received by critics or Touhou fans. Still, if you’re a fan of bullet hell shoot-em-ups and fighting games, you could do a lot worse than pick the title up – although I would personally wait as £19.85 is still a tad too dear for what is a game that will only drop even further in price.

Personally, Touhou Genso Rondo Bullet Ballet reminds me of G.rev’s WarTech: Senko no Ronde – and I didn’t like that game – even though it does have its fans.

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