Due to the sheer size of their ever increasingly large libraries, one of the major factors as to why I like Microsoft’s and Sony’s foray into the console arena is that both companies understand the importance of giving consumers a huge variety of choice. And whilst some would argue that the sheer wealth of software creations at consumers fingertips is diminishing the perceived value of games and making them more disposable, at the same time however, this increased competition also leads to certain games becoming ridiculously cheap and enabling gamers to pick them up for not much money.

And so it’s the case with Trackmania Turbo – a really fun arcade racer that only mere months after release, is now only £16.99. Indeed, Paulando on Rllmukforum stated that “if you love arcade racers, Outrun 2, Mario Kart, Hydrothunder, or even Trials HD to an extent, you will love this game. It looks beautiful, the music is perfect, and the handling is as fun as the track designs. Utterly wonderful game!” Youtube reviewers (such as ACG) also had a lot of really nice things to say about the game.

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