Until Dawn PS4

The end of the year is always a good time to be a gamer, not least because key titles can often be had for a small fraction of what they were mere weeks prior. PS4 exclusive Until Dawn is no exception in this regard and has often been regarded as being one of 2015’s most overlooked titles. Indeed, IndustryX of Neogaf recently stated:

Wow! What a wonderful experience, excellent graphics, legitimately scary (I suck with horror) and the branching choices and the idea of the butterfly effect are just so superbly done. This game is easily one of the best sleeper hits of the year! I really hope they make another (not that on rails one) I love how everyone can get a different ending. This was definitely best played late at night with the lights off!

I don’t think this game got enough credit from reviews honestly.

Go pick up the game if you like you’re a fan of Telltale Games and their Walking Dead series, as well as cinematic games in the vein of Heavy Rain.

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