Until Dawn PS4 Box

I thought Until Dawn dropping in price to £18 was a bit of a deal, but now it’s even cheaper at only £16 – which is a real bargain.

Only released towards the end of 2015, the game flew under the radar of most gamers, but has since gone on to become a bit of a sleeper hit. Indeed, Until Dawn is often the subject of numerous ‘LTTP’ (Late To The Party) posts on Neogaf, with many forum members proclaiming it to be criminally under-rated and one of the best games of last year.

My favorite PS4 exclusive, and a strong contender for my GOTY along with Dying Light and Life is Strange. My wife and I played through it 5 times, so we can experience different scenarios, save different people and ultimately find all collectibles without any guides.And each time was plenty of fun…” – IvanJ (Neogaf)

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