Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U

Esteemed reviewer Simon Parkin considered Xenoblade Chronicles X to be one of 2015’s greatest games and argued that it was a better RPG than Fallout 4. He also stated in his review for Eurogamer that Xenoblade Chronicles X was “contemporary Japanese RPG-making at its boldest and most imaginative in years“. Indeed, Time confirmed this by eloquently stating that Xenoblade Chronicles X was reason enough to Nintendo’s Wii U console and “the best role-playing game of 2015 hands down“.

Whilst I haven’t played the game personally, although I do admit to owning the Limited Edition, it’s hard to not pay attention to the aforementioned glowing recommendations as reason enough to dust off my hardly-used Wii U. Of course, I still need to discover more of the wasteland in Fallout 4 (for which I’ve only explored 2 hours since Black Friday), but that’s a discussion for another day…

Personally speaking, if you own a Wii U (or are looking to buy a Wii U soon) and don’t yet own Xenoblade Chronicles X, you should look to pick it up now – especially for the price. Because the price is only likely to increase again once Nintendo’s initial stock has been depleted post Christmas.

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