Zombie Army Trilogy PS4 Box

In the wake of every gaming critic and their grandma talking about how “family friendly” Nintendo are (despite their games often being ludicrously expensive), it’s nice to know that there are certain developers out there that are prepared to put out low budget (B-tier) titles that don’t cost a small fortune. And so it happens to be the case that Zombie Army Trilogy (by Rebellion) happens to be only £5.19 and is an interesting diversion that promises a fun weekend.

Admittedly, the reviews aren’t great – but it’s still a markedly better (and considerably cheaper) title than Nintendo’s own overly delayed (and over-hyped) Star Fox Zero. But that’s not saying much. Because sometimes, all someone wants to do after they’ve come home from work is just shoot some zombies. And Zombie Army Trilogy fulfils this function with much aplomb.

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