Can you tell us as to who the members of your band are and what roles they play within the band. What inspired you to call yourselves “Flood of Red” and where do you draw inspiration from for your songs and lyrics? How long has the band been in existence and how did it form?
Jamie Mcgowan – Bass
Graham Griffith – Drums
Calum Doris – Guitar
Jordan Spiers – Vocals
Sean Mcgroarty – Guitar
Dale Gallacher – Synth

Flood of Red is a song written by one of our favourite bands ‘…and you will know us by the trail of dead’.

The songs and lyrics both just come to us. We’ll listen to other bands then an idea will click. Is usually what happens.

Band has been together for about 4 years, under a different name. But we became flood of red in April 2005.

You’re considered to be part of a new wave of exciting bands. What was your local scene like before you formed and how do you think it’s adapted in order to accommodate an outfit such as yourselves? Did you encounter any difficulties as a new and emerging band and what advice would you give to other musical outfits on breaking into such a difficult industry?
The Glasgow local scene was really good a few years back. Everyone went to shows, everyone had fun and everyone loved the music for the music.

There isn’t much of a Glasgow local scene nowadays.

We’ve had it rough, with our van and lack of money. However, we still went at it, touring the country non-stop and just playing shows everywhere and anywhere.

That’s the best advice we could ever give to a smaller band.

Out of all the bands gaining attention in the mainstream press, which bands do you most admire and how do you think their existence has benefited the music scene? On the other hand, what bands do you consider as being unworthy of the adulation and praise that has been lavished upon them by the industry and why do you think that they represent everything that is wrong about the business today?
Enter Shikari have had a huge impact on the music scene today. They’ve made bands realise that if they can make it huge so can we.

There’s not really many bands that I think they don’t deserve what they have. I’m sure each band has put there hard work in as much as everyone else.

How do you think the internet and downloading culture has affected your career as a band. In what way have MySpace and filesharing activities helped or hindered you, and how have you reacted to the ever-evolving and changing nature of the music industry?
Myspace is the greatest thing ever. It’s made us who we are, and I’m sure a lot of bands can say the same.

Filesharing is good too, if people can’t afford to buy our records, then go for it. As long as they get to hear our music.

What advice would you give on love and romance and what is your opinion on two-timers and whores? Are women just as bad as men (and vice-versa) or is this just a side of the human condition that only afflicts the morally weak and the criminally insane? How can we save ourselves from such dubious people of low moral character and what would you recommend as being a befitting treatment for those who leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake?
I personally think they’re just as bad as each other. Being a guy I should be sticking up for males, but nah. I know, I’m not that good a role model.

For the interest of our readers, how would you describe your music and where can we find out more about you and your music? Who have been your key influences and do you have any recorded music for sale or in the pipeline?
This is always a hard one. We mix lots of genres together, to create what we have.

Check it for yourself at

Or get onto iTUNES and buy our EP, Lost In The Light.

We’ll have a single out mid August.

What are your future plans and how do you think these tie in with your goals and aspirations as a band and in life? What would you consider as being important to you and how would you wish to be remembered once the dust has settled and you’ve had a chance to achieve your objectives?
We have a few tours in the pipeline. A lot bigger than the ones we’re doing just now. Hopefully get an album out by the end of the year/ early next year.

Finally, when can we expect to see you again in the UK and do you have any kind words or morsels of advice that you’d like to dish out to your fans?
Check our myspace, we have shit loads of tour dates.

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