In Episode 14, I interview Matt Glanville who is the lone one-man developer of an upcoming indie game called Luminesca. Created on Unity, Luminesca was one of the more endearing highlights from this years indie-fest Rezzed show, not least because it offers a gameplay style that is eerily similar to Nintendo’s own Metroid where exploration is encouraged in order to progress further in the game. With striking 2D visuals, Luminesca‘s minimalist art direction also got me thinking about the highly regarded indie hit Limbo. Together with all of this, and among other things, I talk with Matt about his upcoming game, what challenges he’s faced as a lone one-man developer, and the problems he’d encounter if he decided to port Luminesca across to the Wii U platform.

Enjoy the interview.

Opening Intro – “I AM”
Written, composed, recorded, and mastered by Jack Waterman, AKA Electric Children.
Used by kind permission of Electric Children.

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