For Episode 26, and at this year’s Gamescom, I interviewed Rami Ismail of Vlameer. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve interviewed Rami before, and one of the things I really like about him is that he talks a good talk. During our conversation, Rami Ismail talks about Vlambeer’s upcoming games – Wasteland Kings (now known as Nuclear Throne) and Luftrausers. Rami also talks about the indie scene and its parallels with the bedroom coder scene of the 80’s, issues pertaining to cloning game concepts, the departure of Phil Fish and other developers who have been forced out due to harassment from the games community. Finally, we also get to talk about noodles (but not Doritos).

Enjoy the (rather long) interview.

Opening Intro – “I AM”
Written, composed, recorded, and mastered by Jack Waterman, AKA Electric Children.
Used by kind permission of Electric Children.

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