Did anybody go? I went on Friday and last night.

I thought they were pretty good as live performers, but their individual personas (bar Glen Matlock’s and Paul Jones’) left much to be desired.

Johnny Rotten has become the very thing he swore to destroy, by becoming an egomaniac and a self-centred arrogant twat.

When he emerged from the venue past 5am this morning, he would hardly sign anything for the fans who had braved the freezing temperatures all night. I was lucky, but many of my new-found friends weren’t. He was rude, wouldn’t talk to anyone, and grudgingly accepted the offer of signing my Rotten book and Sex Pistols cd.

He also refused to be interviewed, for which I was somewhat dismayed. And when his minder pimp-manager started arguing with some of the other bystanders, I thought Johnny and his entourage had reached a new low. He’s not the hero and the great man that he once was, and I wish I had told him that Malcolm McLaren had been a lot nicer than Johnny – “cos it’s not where you were, it’s where you’re at”.

Malcolm is a lot more civilised and presentable as a character whilst Johnny on the other hand is nothing more than a foul-mouthed yob. And my opinion of him isn’t exactly helped by the fact that everyone who he associated himself with last night was on some wierd power-trip (driver included).

“Hey Mr Driver, you’re just a fucking driver. now please stop disrespecting your passenger’s fans and treat them with a tad more respect. Thankyou”.

I’m sorry. It’s just that I expected more from one of my heroes, and hope that I don’t brush people off the way Johnny did last night. Judging from last night, I know that I’m a better person than he is. And for that, I count my blessings and am extremely thankful.

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